Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Two for Tuesday

Happy Tuesday everyone!  I am off to Disney this Friday for the Disney World Half Marathon and I could not be more excited!  The weather there is supposed to be 79-80 degrees the entire time and I am really looking forward to it.  My mind is already there; now I just need to actually be there!

When we were in Disney for the Wine and Dine Half Marathon in November, we discovered the above cups in the Canada pavilion on Epcot.  We had to purchase them because when we were in Montreal for the marathon, this was our motto for everything we experienced.  Don't get me wrong - we love Canada, but things are so different from NYC they often elicited an 'Oh Canada'.  Said lovingly of course.

Very quickly into our trip in November, we decided to purchase these ears and wear them around (mine are the green and red / Christmas themed one - there is even a sprig of holly on one of the ears).  We also purchased the black and white Mickey and he popped up in the background of our photo's throughout the trip (evidenced below from our photo in Norway).  We had so much fun with our own version of "Hidden Mickey" we are going to do it again - but with a different character this time.

Yes, we are huge nerds
PS - Two for Tuesday will (most likely) be taking a break next Tuesday as I'll still be in Disney!

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