Monday, January 7, 2013

Weekend Recap

How was everyone's weekend?  Mine was nice - not relaxing but super productive!  My weekend involved catching up with friends, lots of errands and cooking.

I started my weekend with a trip to Trader Joe's Friday after work.  I should have known better then to go there on a Friday afternoon - it was a mad house!  But I pushed on and got (almost) everything on my list.  The line to check out was crazy long (always is) but I bonded with the 2 girls in front of me so it went by pretty quickly.

Look at all the healthy food!
Saturday started with Team and Training practice leading the 10:00 pace group.  Since I am running the Disney Half next week (yay #30!) I dropped my run to 6.5 miles this week.  My run was followed with a nice long brunch with my friend Tess.  For our brunch we decided to try out the Guilty Goose (131 W 23rd St).  They do have a "boozy brunch" (2 hours of unlimited mimosas or draft beers) but since I was just recovering from being sick, we decided to pass on the drinking portion.  We did get a large pot of French press coffee and it was delicious!  For food, we decided to start with the Fried Pickles - which were spears not slices.  They were delicious, but could have easily been our whole meal - and we split them.  I followed the friend pickles with the Cheese Steak (while delicious not at all related to my beloved Philly cheesesteaks).  I was so full from the pickles, I only managed about half of my sandwich.  It was delicious though! 
Delicious, but definitely not Paleo
If you are wondering how I managed brunch on my Paleo diet.... well, I didn't.  You are allowed 3 cheat meals a week and this was one of mine. Following brunch, I went to Whole Foods to pick up a couple of additional ideas not found at Trader Joe's and then Target for more errands. 

Sunday was spent cooking.  And I mean that.  The whole day.  Let me explain.  A couple of months ago, another blog I read (sorry - can't remember which one now!) talked about doing once a month cooking.  As in you cook once a month and have a freezer worth of food.  I hate cooking when I come home from work so I liked the idea of doing that.  I tried several recipes from the website this fall and really enjoyed them all, so when they announced they were doing a Paleo menu for January, I decided to bite the bullet and give it a try.  It costs $8 a month to get the full recipe cards, grocery list and instructions.  And you can enter the number of people cooking so I knew I wasn't cooking for 4 or some crazy amounts.  Yesterday, I literally spent about 8+ hours cooking.  But I got it all done.  I did have a couple of problems (there were things listed on the grocery list not needed, some of the recipe cards weren't the clearest) but over all it wasn't as bad I thought.  The step by step instructions were really helpful.  I had the Strawberry Kale Coconut Smoothie for breakfast and the Sweet Potato Basil Soup for lunch.  Both were delicious, so I am hopeful the rest will be as good too!  

This will help me stick with my Paleo diet (I am hopeful) as well as keeping me stocked with food for the month!  I will keep you posted throughout the month on how the rest of the recipes go.  In case you are wondering, I am using Once A Month Mom (says the single gal) for my month of food.
My freezer is maxed out.  There is even stuff in the ice box.

Happy Monday everyone!  What do you all do this weekend? 

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