Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Resolutions for 2013

So per my post yesterday, I have set some New Years Resolutions for myself.  I always have trouble with resolutions because I feel no one ever keeps them (January is always my least favorite time of the month at the gym since it's always so crowded and then by February it's back to normal).  I've thought pretty hard about my resolutions this year and tried to make them accomplish-able (is that even a word?  well, it is now!).

So without further ado, below are my resolutions for 2013.

1.  Eat better I feel like I am a broken horse on this one lately (I've mentioned it in several posts in the last couple of months), but I am more resolved then ever to do so.  The month of December was not good for me - lots of parties and eating rich foods and not in moderation.  I weighed myself this morning and I am the heaviest I've been in a long time.  I won't reveal the number because it's really not that bad, but for me, it's a lot.  In addition, I basically spent the entire time between Thanksgiving and Christmas sick.  In college, I used to avoid getting sick because once I did, I'd be sick for the entire winter and that stopped once I graduated.  I realize some of it comes from not eating healthy foods and some from being stressed and run down (see #3 for more on this).  I need to take care of myself as a priority.  So to do so, I spent some time the last week or 2 doing some research and I've made some decisions.

To start, I've downloaded the free app "Lose it" which helps you track calories and exercise based on how much weight you want to lose.  I am hoping this will help me make better choices.  For example, we went to brunch yesterday and after ordering (and eating) my eggs benedict, I realized they had over 1,000 calories.  In 1 meal.  Not. good. at. all.  See what I mean?  Just starting tracking yesterday, so only on Day 2.

Next up, I've decided to try and follow the Paleo diet.  Now, it might sound like I am jumping on the bandwagon (I know it's incredibly popular right now), but I did some serious research on it (like taking multiple books out of the library on the subject).  Given the info I learned, I am interested to see if / how it will work for me.  I'm not going to go into a ton of background on the diet (if you don't know about it), since there are a bunch of website that will explain it better (try to start), but basically it's all about eating what our ancestors ate in the Paleolithic age.  Lots of protein, fruits and vegetables, no grains or dairy.  I know I won't be able to follow it 100%, but going to do the best I can and see how it goes.

2. Follow my workout schedule better With everything going on this past year, I did not do very good about following my (or any) workout schedule.  I am making it a goal to stick to it this year.  I know I will feel better getting my runs in or some cross training so I am really going to make it work.  I got a new planner for 2013 and plan on entering in all my workouts each Sunday night for the week so I can stick to them.

3. Work life balance What I think is becoming a running theme on this blog (and certainly this post) is that work was crazy the last 6 months.  And it threw off my workout and eating schedule.  And being so busy made me run down, which I think in turn was part of the reason I was sick all December.  Now, I realize I can't control my job, but my goal is to have a better work life balance and make the effort to leave work at a reasonable hour each day and not stress about it when I am away from work.

4. Running goals I do have some running goals for 2013, number 1 being finish my 30 by 30 challenge (only 1 to go!).  I do have a goal for after I finish my 30 by 30 Challenge, but I am going to wait until that is done to announce it.  I had a low-key NYE this year - my friend Pam came over and we had dinner and planned our races.  We live quite the life, right?  So, I do have my race calendar (for the most part) planned for the year.  I'll share it later this month (along with my new goal after 30 by 30).  There is going to be no marathon this year (as of now, that could change) but given how rough training was in 2012, I think taking some time off of marathon training will be nice.  Still going to be doing Half's and running, but no marathon and trying not to over do it and get burnt out.  Crazy, I know!

5. Travel more I think this one could be my life mantra.  Travel more.  I love it and it makes me happy.  It doesn't always make my wallet happy so it's a tough one.  But I do want to make an effort to travel to new places and visit far away family and friends.

6. Be a better blogger I seemed to go in spurts with posting.  Sometimes I'm really good at it, sometimes I'm not.  Going to try and be more consistent throughout the year in posting.  I am also hoping to redesign my  blog and maybe add some pages (maybe 1 for the 30 by 30 challenge or for running records? Who knows yet).  I am also debating buying my own domain name, which then adds the problem of committing to a blog name.  I renamed this blog 'sarah in the city' a while back, but never changed the blogspot address.  I am leaning back towards 'sarah runs a lot' since it just feels like me.  Any opinions on this subject?

7. Save more This one is pretty simple.  Going to try and save more.  Which I think will help make #5 more feasible.

8. More time with friends Another simple one and ties in with #3 and #5.  Spend more time with friends.

In addition to resolutions for the new year, I have some other personal goals (both short and long term) that I am not ready to share publicly.  Not sure if I will ever share them, but I know them and have then written down so I am always working towards them.

What are your goals for 2013?

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