Friday, September 21, 2012

iPod Murderer... I think I killed my iPod.  I would like to say it's not my fault - but I'm pretty sure it is.

When I plugged it in to update last night - it said it was corrupted and might need to be reset.  Ugh, annoying but not the end of the world.  When it refused to sync, I decided it to reset it.

So after I reset it and it was sync, I realized my laptop battery was running low and I should plug it in.  Smart thing to do would have been to bring plug to computer.  Oh no, not for me.  I carried computer and ipod and hard drive with music (bc yes, I have so much music it doesn't fit on my computer) to the plug.

And dropped my ipod mid-sync in the process.  Now when I plug it in, the screen says it's syncing, but I can't get it to show up in my iTunes.  Anyone know what to do?

It is 4 years old so I guess I got a nice long life out of it, but I really don't want to have to replace it.  Any techies out there with suggestions?

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