Friday, September 7, 2012

Celeb sighting!

Celeb sighting alert!

I am like 95% sure I just saw Chris Elliott sitting outside at the local pub by my apartment.  95% sure because it looks EXACTLY like him and my initial reaction while walking home from the subway (after leaving work at 8:30pm - a whole other discussion), "weird, wonder if he lives in my neighborhood?".

Not is that Chris Elliott?  Really?  Why would he be here?

Just hmph, must live here (I live in a fab neighborhood, why wouldn't he live here!)

But because I am exhaustded from work and I didn't stop to stare at him or ask to confirm.  I am going to just say I saw Chris Elliott.  He plays Lily's father on How I Met Your Mother - one of my favorite shows.  So I am excited.

On a total side note - 2 years ago before moving out of my last apartment, I saw Abby Elliott (his daughter) having drinks at the wine bar in apartment building.
HI!  I like to hang in your 'hood

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