Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Two for Tuesday

Hope everyone had a nice weekend and Mother's Day!

This week's Two for Tuesday is a quick one (and a late one!).

Up first -

Out the door Top Coat.  A friend just recently introduced me to this top coat.  It is awesome!  Not only does it actually dry in less then 5 minutes, it actually works.  It honestly does not chip.  Last time I used it, my polish stayed chip free for 5 days.  Gotta love that.

Second -

Picmonkey for photo editing.  I recently discovered this from another blog I follow (and now of course, I can remember, will update when I do!).  It's a great and easy way to make adjustments to photo's, add text, symbols or borders.  I've been using it the last week or so for my photo's and just love it!

Happy Tuesday!  See you all tomorrow.

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