Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New Orleans Weekend

Spent this past weekend in New Orleans for the New Orleans Half Marathon.  Had a wonderful time with friends and really enjoyed the city.  I love trips that include races.

This is the second time I've done the New Orleans Half (although it was called the Mardi Gras Half then) and they have changed the course slightly, but it was still a lot of fun.  The course is very flat and takes you through most of New Orleans giving you a nice view of the city.  Officially, I ran a 2:20:59, but we did take an 8 minute bathroom break!  I didn't go down to the race to race it, went to spend a long weekend with friends.  Ran the whole things with my friends Amanda, Melissa and Michelle.  We had a great time.

The rest of the weekend was basically all about food!  We had some delicious food while we were ranging from low key places we found by chance to some of the nicer more "famous" restuarants (Emeril's).  Everything was delicious.  Definitely came home feel full.  For days (more on that later).

Overall, had a great weekend with friends.  We reverted to teenagers a little bit and laughed so much during the trip.

I'll be back in NOLA at the end of April for Jazzfest.  Can't wait!

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