Monday, March 26, 2012

30 by 30

This upcoming January will be my 30th birthday (holy cow, it feels weird saying that!).  This is not an "I'm turning 30, let's freak out" post, because a) it's still like 10 months away and b) I'm not really freaked out by it (see a).

But I did come up with an idea/goal for my 30th birthday - run 30 half marathons (i.e. 30 by 30).  Honestly, I'm not really that far away from 30.  I'm currently at 23.  So I have 7 still to go and already have a couple planned (I originally thought it was 24, 6 left but then realized I was counting a half relay in there and can't have that).

24 - New Jersey Half Marathon
25 -
26 - Virginia Beach Half Marathon
27 -
28 -
29 -
30 - Disney World Half Marathon

Not sure what those remaining 3 will be, maybe the Disney Wine and Dine will be one of them...still trying to figure out my schedule.  Hoping to find a local one for June and maybe another in July.  I am doing a full the last weekend of September so need to factor that in.  Either way, I do know the Disney World Half will be my 30th though!

Will update as I get closer to my goal!

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