Wednesday, March 7, 2012

5 Food Cleanse

As I said in my last post, I came home from New Orleans feeling incredibly full.  Like crazy full and overstuffed (not a good feeling, but at least it was from good food!).  I got this 5 food cleanse from my friend Melissa (who was also on the trip with us).  It's not a cleanse in the traditional sense (at least what I think of traditional - i.e. the juice cleanses that disturb me).

This one involves only eating the following 5 ingredients: almonds (dry roasted or raw, no extra oil), fat free yogurt, spinach, eggs and raspberries.  I am not sure the science or thinking behind it, but basically it's a lot of protein to help burn fat and clean your system.  I started it yesterday (first day back from the trip) and I definitely feel less bloated.  Probably helps that I am not eating as much and drinking a lot of water, but whatever helps!

So far, I have been eating a lot of egg and spinach omelets and yogurt and raspberry parfaits with almonds.  Given the limited food choices, I thought I'd be starving, but I am shockingly not (so far).  The eggs are pretty filling (breakfast) and the parfaits are keeping me full (I'm also snacking on some almonds throughout the day, but am limited myself, this isn't a gorge yourself on the 5 foods cleanse).  I think it's also making me focus on drinking water and I'm realizing a lot of the times when I am hungry and eat something, I'm actually probably just thirsty.

Only on Day 2 though and I'll only be able to do it through Friday (which will be 4 days and probably a good number, one can not live on 5 foods alone).  I'm off to a wedding this weekend!

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