Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ash Wednesday

So today is Ash Wednesday.  The start of Lent.  While I probably won't actually get ashes (I'm kinda a lapsed Catholic in that sense), I always give something up.  After some thinking, I have decided to give up 2 things.

  • Snack food.  Primarily includes chips, pretzels, popcorn, crackers.  Figure I love this stuff and since it's not the healthiest thing for me anyways, would probably be good to give up.
  • Unnecessary shopping.  To clarify, what is necessary to me, might not be to other people.  For example, a new sports bra is a necessity to me, but that cute top at Banana Republic is not.  Same goes for running shoes vs. heels I don't need but want.  But a new pair of running shorts?  Not a necessity as I have a drawer full of shorts.  We'll see how this goes!
So, that's what I am giving up this year.  What are other people giving up?

More to come,

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