Friday, September 5, 2014

Race Recap: Disneyland 10K

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Disneyland 10K
August 30, 2014

Race morning came bright and early - but not as bright and early as in Disney World.  Start time is the same (5:30am), but since we were staying at the Disneyland Hotel, we only had to leave about 5am to be there on time.  It's so much nicer!

After getting to the start area (which is right outside the DL Hotel), Pam and I split.  I wanted to use the bathroom one last time and Pam wanted to head to the corrals.  Since they split the 5K and 10K this year, it was much less crowded and after using the restroom, I was able to make my way to my corral easily.  But not before a picture!

Cheshire Cat ready to run!
I only had about 15 minutes before the start by that point.  The announcers were doing their thing and since it was Lilo and Stitch themed so they had Stitch on site (and Elvis too!).  After Elvis sang us the National Anthem, it was time to go off!


I was in Corral A so I didn't have to wait long to start.  The course was the same as last year, so I knew what to expect.  After about 2 miles, we headed into California Adventure.  We went in the back way and headed in through Cars Land.  I love Cars Land - especially with their neon on!  Even though I already had a photo, there was no line, so I stopped for a picture with Lightning McQueen!

After heading out of Cars Land, we took a left and headed towards Paradise Pier.  After making a full loop, I stopped for a photo in from of Mickey's Fun Wheel with the World of Color lights on.  I really love how they look!

From there, we headed past Grizzly River Run, Soarin and into Hollywood Land.  From there we went backstage and headed across to Disneyland - I love how close they are!  You head into Disneyland via Main Street.  I don't get the same chills running down Main Street here vs the Main Street in WDW, but it's still pretty amazing. 

Can't resist a photo in front of Walt's statue and original castle
 There definitely weren't as many characters out this year, but there was Prisoner Dale and Police Man Chip (with Elvis!) and Elvis Stitch.  Not as many, but those are definitely some different characters so I had to stop!  Fortunately, they didn't have long lines so it went quickly. 

After making our way through the park, we headed back into Downtown Disney and towards the finish.  After a quick right before the Disneyland Hotel, there is the finish! 

I really tried not to go out too quickly, but I did start faster than I wanted.  The character stops helped slow it a bit, but I was still faster then I would have liked. 

There was definitely less characters on the course for the 10K this year.  My guess is that last year there were so many on the course, it really held up people from finishing.  Since they have to open the parks, they probably need to get us off the course.  It didn't really bother me, but I am sure there were some people who upset by that.

Official: 6.2 mi, 1:03:00, 10:09 pace
Garmin: 6.28 mi, 1:03:01, 10:02 pace

Love the Stitch themed 10K medal!


  1. Great recap and great job with the race! I loved the 10K last year and I'm super jealous about Elvis Stitch...and Elvis singing the National Anthem was a super fun touch!! Love how the characters were different than the ones you see on a regular basis at races. Looks like SO much fun!

    1. It was a good time! I was glad they had different characters out as well - makes stopping worth it! Thanks!

  2. Great job on the race! :0) You got some amazing pics on course! What kind of camera did you run with? I need to get one!

    1. Thanks so much! For races, I actually just use my iPhone. I have the iPhone 5S. It works pretty well!