Tuesday, November 5, 2013

2 on Tuesday

I have a Sweaty Bands problem.  My collection is rapidly growing and I can't (and probably won't!) stop.  Abby so nicely picked the above 3 up for me at the NYC marathon expo.  The top one says 'I Run NYC' and I could not pass it up.  The bottom two are Thanksgiving themed - one for my turkey trot (middle) and the bottom one just because it has turkeys on it.  I am going to be wearing it on every run in November since it's got a limited window of appropriate use.

It was a big weekend for me tech wise as well!  I finally made the jump and upgrade to the iPhone 5S.  My poor 4 (original 4 not even 4S) was rapidly losing steam.  It made it almost 3 years, so that is good!  I am loving the 5S already though.  I also purchased a new camera!  It's still a point and shoot, but has a much nicer zoom and lense.  Nothing was wrong with my current camera, other than it is 5 years old and I wanted something that would produce better quality photo's.

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