Friday, February 1, 2013

What's next?

With the start of February and the official race recap for #30 in my 30 by 30 Challenge posted, I am ready to announce my next challenge.  Personally, I like having a goal - something to work towards.  I feel like it gives me focus and I like that.  My first goal after college was to run a marathon.  Then it was run another.  Once I felt like I had that down, it was to do a triathlon.  Last year my challenge was to do 30 half marathons before my 30th birthday (yep, done).  So, what's next?

After some thought and serious consideration, I have decided to take on the States.  As in all 50 of them.  Before my 40th birthday.  That's right, I am going to run a half marathon in all 50 states within the next 10 years.  Obviously I am not starting from scratch, I've already got 9 under my belt.  And I'm already registered for 2 more states - the New Bedford Half in MA and Flying Pigs in Ohio.  We have some more planned for this year as well!

It's going to be a lot, but I am excited to get started!  I've created a page to track my progress so check it out here!

Challenge extended.  Challenge accepted.

Of course I made an icon for it!

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