Thursday, December 20, 2012

Work Holiday Exchange

My team at work decided to do a $5 stocking stuffer exchange within the group.  There are 9 total of us, so everyone needed to by 8 gifts.  When the limit is that small, most of the gifts end up being gag or joke gifts.  For example, I got my boss a mini Nerf gun so she could "shoot us when we get out of line" and the girl in my office who is always cold hand warmers.  There were a lot of dollar store and discount store gifts.  Mine came from Kmart.

Out of the 8 gifts, 6 of mine had to do with running or coffee!  I think my team is trying to tell me something :)

I got:
- Runner's World Boxed Daily Calendar
- iPhone running arm band
- Soothing Aloe socks (for after my long runs)
- 2 (yes, 2) gift cards to Dunkin Donuts
- a set of giant (20 oz) coffee mugs (I am constantly spilling my coffee so my coworker figured just give me a bigger mug)
- Hand cream (I am constantly borrowing everyone's)
- A set of 3 really pretty notebooks

All in all, a great grouping!  Seems my team knows me pretty well!

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