Thursday, June 19, 2008

Busy Week

I've had a busy week and half of training. Both Tuesdays I had running. We've been working on speed work, which just wipes me out for the next day. I went for a ride on both Wednesdays (yay!) and did a brick both Thursday AMs. The bricks are getting a little easy each week - I think it depends on how recovered I am from the run. This past Tuesdays run was a little tough, so my legs are still tired. Last Saturday I did a 36 mile bike ride and a 9 mile run on Sunday.

Monday was a really interesting day. I did a bike assessment with my coach. They put your bike on a trainer which is attached to a computer and the computer controls the resistance (so it can make it harder simulating hills, etc). The reason we did it was to analyse my leg strength and spin. I did a course of Central Park. It was definitely weird to be biking and not moving. But definitely worth it.

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