Sunday, February 5, 2017

Goals: January/February

Is it just me or did this month just fly by? It was a crazy month, with lots going on. However, January over means one month closer to summer.

I think I did pretty good on my goals this month! Didn't accomplish all, but did pretty good.
  1. Run 100 total miles (B+). I ended up with just under 97 miles. This is my highest mileage in a long time, so that is good! If the Disney Half hadn't been canceled, I would have been well past 100.
  2. Sleep a minimum of 7+ hours a night (A). I did really good on this one. According to my FitBit, there were only 4 nights in January were I didn't get 7+ hours of sleep.
  3. Focus on following a meal plan and not eating junk (B-). Eh, I didn't do great on this one. I did meal plan each week, but also had a lot of nights out with unhealthy food. Win some, lose some.
  4. Cross train at least 4x a week (C). Did not do good with this one. There was only 1 week this month in which I accomplished this.
  5. Take 2 bags of stuff to Goodwill (A). I took two full bags of stuff to Goodwill! And I also have another bag half full. 
 Now onto February goals!
  1. Run 100 total miles. Same as last month. I don't think this will be a problem, but you never know.
  2. Drink 70+ oz of water daily. For a long time, I was really good at drinking enough water each day. But the past couple of months I have not been drinking enough (at all). And I can tell the difference. My goal is to get back on track with this.
  3. Make smart choices with food. This is a tough month with a lot going on, so I want to focus on making smart/healthy choices.
  4. Cross train 4x a week. Want to focus on this. I know cross training will only help my running, so it's important I get back to it.
  5. Take 1 bag to Goodwill. I already have half a bag of stuff and with my "1 in, 2 out" policy, I should be able to finish filling it. 
What are some of your goals for February?

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