Tuesday, July 21, 2015

2 on Tuesday

 I finally saw Jurassic World this weekend.  I loved the first one (from way back when) and would (basically) watch anything with Chris Pratt in it.  Seriously, anything.  Love him.  Anna Faris is a lucky lady.  Anyway... I really enjoyed the movie!  It was definitely slightly campy - which made me happy because it's a movie about a dinosaur theme park; serious is not an option.   And yes, there were some plot holes (like  Claire's shoes; if you've seen the movie you know what I mean).  But, I enjoyed the overall plot, the casting was great, it made me laugh and had some great throwbacks to the original movie.  Anyone else see it?  Thoughts?

I've been using the summer to catch up on some TV and I just watched Empire.  It's been on my list for a while and everyone has been talking about it, so I spent the last weekend watching the entire first season.  It is SO good!  It's well written, acted and directed.  However, whenever I watch it and they say 'Empire', all I can think of is Empire Records - 'Damn the man, save the Empire'.  I love that movie (and now, need to watch it again).  I just kept saying it in my head everytime.  I am excited for season 2 to come back!


  1. I enjoyed Jurassic World but I didn't love it like I loved the original Jurassic Park. It was still fun and mmmmmm, Chris Pratt is so cute!

    1. I agree - it was not as good as the original! And some of my enjoyment of it might have been getting to watch Chris Pratt for two hours :)