Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!


I just wanted to take a minute and wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!  As is my tradition, I am doing our local Turkey Trot 5K this AM.  It's a great way to burn some calories before I consume insane amounts of food.  My brother cooks and it is always delicious!

Before I go run, I wanted to take a few minutes and share what I am thankful for:

- My family: they are supportive of my crazy running habits/insane running goals and the best family a girl could as for
- My friends: they say friends are the family you pick and that could not be more true of my friends
- My health: I really am lucky that I have had no major health issues or running injuries.  I really have been fortunate not to get injured and be able to go out and run.  If I couldn't run, I think I'd have some really expensive therapy bills!
- My job: I don't talk about my job a lot on here (since this is running blog and all) except to say when it keeps me from blogging, but the truth is I really do love my job.  I enjoy what I do and I work with some world class people and industry leaders.
- You!  I know it sounds cheesy, but thank you readers for stopping by and being a part of this.  I read all your comments and truly appreciate you all for sticking around when I'm not able to post as much as I'd like to.

Now it's your turn - let me know what you are thankful for!

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