Friday, November 28, 2014

Finding balance

I have tons of this same photo but this view of the reservoir at night never gets old
This post has been a long time coming.  It's been bouncing around my head for about the last month as I went from trip to engagement to trip all fall and thought it was time to get it down on paper.  I apologize in advance because this post is kinda a giant wandering thought train for me (it was the easiest way for my to get it down).

Let's start with the obvious: this fall has been insane for me.  There were lots of races on the schedule plus I had family events going on.  I mean, I traveled 3 of the 4 weekends in October.  Seriously, 3 out of 4!  I felt like I was never home (which really, I wasn't) and am now completely drained.  A busy couple of months at work didn't help either.

With being gone so many weekends, my weeks became packed.  I was still running (trust me if I didn't run, mentally I would have been worse) and trying to get everything else done - seeing friends, laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning, etc.  It was go go go until I went to bed.

Clearly I have trouble with balancing everything I want to do with what I should to do to stay sane.  I think most of my problem comes from not looking at a calendar when I agree to things.  I say yes (and outside of checking to make sure nothing else is scheduled that day), I am committed.  Then, when I finally actually look at a calendar, I realize it's back to back weekends or 3 out of 4 weekends a month.

I also have trouble saying no to things.  I want to do everything and travel and see my friends and or course, don't forget about work.  I don't know why I have trouble saying no.  It's not that I have FOMO (fear of missing out) because I absolutely love staying home and being a homebody.  And trust me, I have been known to do it on more then 1 occasion.  I think it's just that I want to do everything.  Why do I think I can do that without it catching up to me?  Do I think I am Superwoman?

I am now done with all travel (except for heading home at Christmas) until the Disney Half in January.  I am looking forward to a month of being low key and recharging the batteries.  The holidays can be packed with parties and seeing friends, but I am really going to try and make sure I don't over commit myself.

As the end year approaches and it's time to start finalizing a race calendar for next year (I want to get another 5 states done, plus I have runDisney races scheduled), I am really trying to look at my calendar holistically.  Make sure I look at the other races and travel I have planned before committing to anything.  I also want to make sure I don't travel more then 2 weekends a month.  It might not be possible every month, but that is going to be my goal.  Of course, less then 2 weekends is even better!

I know it's not New Year's yet, but that is going to be something I work on in 2015.  I have to say, I already feel better getting it off my chest and sharing with all of you.  It feels better just putting it out there and acknowledging what I need to work on.

With all that said, how to you find balance in your life?  I am open to any tips or ideas you have!

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