Tuesday, June 3, 2014

2 on Tuesday

Last year at the Lululemon warehouse sale, I picked up two pairs of spandex shorts to wear under my running skirts for costumes.  I honestly wasn't expecting to love them (I'm not a huge spandex fan when running), but they are the most comfortable shorts.  I wore them at all 4 Dopey races, including the marathon (don't worry, I did laundry after the 10K so they were clean).  They aren't available anymore, so I had taken to ebay to stock up on them.  They just came out with a similar version - the Dart and Dash.  From what I can find online, they are the same as my shorts, just slightly longer.  I ordered them online and they should be coming tomorrow.  I hope they are the same!

Speaking of ebay, does anyone sells things on ebay?  I was doing some cleaning this weekend and realized I had developed a bit of a stockpile of foundation.  So in an effort to lower the stockpile, I am thinking of selling some on ebay.  It seems easy enough, right?  Anyone ever sell anything on ebay with luck? I'm not looking to make a ton of money, just clean out my makeup drawer.

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